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     Brake Disc 
     nano ceramic composite brake disc, high friction, after 1000 km brake disc and brake pad running, the braking distance of 100km/h is shortened by 10%, and the driving safety performance is doubled. Installation instructions: 1, the nano ceramic brake disc is suitable for the original car size installation. 2, the new brake disc brakes need 500km-1000km driving to make the brake disc brakes fully run. 3. After the new brake disc is installed, the “beep” sound caused by the surface friction caused by the excessive friction coefficient is normal running-in, which will decrease with the increase of the mileage. 4, do not try to "pierce, drill, nail, knock" and other actions to destroy the material installed on the surface of the nano-ceramic brake disc. 5. The nano-ceramic brake disc will have a normal resin after the continuous installation of the brake disc within 1000km. 6. Drive carefully before the product meets the performance response after reaching the normal running-in (1000km). 
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